The Tide Race 2019

18th August 2019

On Sunday 18th August 2019 Camborne Redruth Lions staged the 40th Tide Race on Portreath Beach. As usual the children built closest to the tide, then the teenagers and, lastly, the adults furthest from the incoming tide. The rules are simple. Build the biggest sandcastle you can before the tide gets to it, then stand on it. The last team left standing are the winners. The team can be as many as you wish, but, they must all be standing on the sand pile when the sea gets to them.

A shift in the wind slowed the incoming tide so building went on apace resulting in some truly big edifices. 80 teams entered this year and the ultimate winners were from Portreath, Team Jefferies, the women were Team London Ladies, the children were called Heathens and the teenagers were the Um Um Mashers.

Click the play button on the right to view some of the highlights of the day.