The Cow Pat Competition 2019 - 2020

The cow pat competition is based on where a cow does her business in a field!!!!!

We already have the field and the cow, Sincere thanks to the Pearce family for giving the Lions the use of their field and cow.

The field is divided into 1132 numbered plots on a scaled map. These plots are being sold for £1 each.

All profits will be donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The position and location of the cow pat will be accurately measured and those measurements will be transferred to the scaled map to identify the winning plot.

If the cow deposit is located in one or more plots then the plot with the most deposit in it will be deemed the winner. The nominated referee’s decision is final.

There will be only one prize and the winning plot owner will receive £100.

Our sponsors will be mentioned on all our literature appertaining to the event and we have stipulated that the sponsor does not give us his donation until we have sold 1132 plots.

Our sponsors are: -

  • Rogers Symons Portreath Beach Café
  • Camborne Specsavers
  • Janet H
  • Fox Hollow plant sales
  • Lion Derek Canham

The competition board - Pick your plot!

Lion Alan hampton with Lion President Ken Powell selling plots at the Lions Christmas Fayre.

It is intended to start selling ASAP and the target completion date is April 29th 2020

The name and telephone number of the punter must be recorded in the appropriate book against their chosen plot number.

Every plot number sold must be identified by a green dot on the field map on the main display board and marked off in the appropriate book.

If all the plots are sold before the end of April 2020 then the cow will be allowed to do its business sooner. Which will now doubt come as a relief to the cow.


If you would like any additional information or wish to take part in our ‘Cow Pat Competition’ Please contact Alan on 07842 151 201 or email


Thank You and Good Luck!